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Silverplated Lipstick Case

You're bride to be will adore this lovely compact lipstick case!Silverplated Lipstick Case 3.5L X 1.25W CG-03136 CG-03136

Only $16.95 - Click here to buy now!

Oval Wire Basket

Perfect for those sunday brunches!Oval Wire Basket 11.75L X 7 1/4W CG-23027 CG-23027

Only $22.95 - Click here to buy now!

Tussy Mussy W/Engraving Plate

No wedding is perfect without the bride's bouquet, and what better way than to decorate it with a beautiful cover piece!Tussy Mussy W/Engraving Plate 6.75L X 1.75W Note: Flowers not included. CG-20016 CG-20016

Only $19.95 - Click here to buy now!

Bless This Home Platter

The inspirational Bless This Home Platter is a must-have for any kitchen. Whether used for serving homemade cookies, or just as a decoration, it is sure to enhance any room. No home is complete without this unique, customized plate. The platter makes...

Only $22.95 - Click here to buy now!

Large Wooden Magz Box

The Large Wooden Magz Box is the perfect place to store your Magz items! An 11x7x2 high quality cherry stained cedar box, the larger equivalent of the smaller box, with room for up to 350 Magz pieces of storage. Comes with a sliding top cover and a golden...

Only $15.95 - Click here to buy now!

Skrooz 42 Construction Set

The Skrooz Construction Set gives you the functionality to build a custom creation! Dozens of lengths in a single bar, Skrooz offers a new approach in magnetic construction. Skrooz 42 contains 24 bars (8 short + 16 long) & 18 balls. With the ability to...

Only $14.95 - Click here to buy now!

Small Wooden Magz Box

The Small Wooden Magz Box is the perfect place to store your Magz items! A 7x7x2 cherry stained cedar box for the Magz enthusiast, great for both storage and decor. Sliding lid with imprinted Magz logo allows for easy access and closure and allows for...

Only $13.95 - Click here to buy now!

Spare Cuballs

The Spare Cuballs will bring your construction to greater heights! Until now, you had to purchase Dyna Magz to use the Cuballs, but now you can add them separately to your sets giving you more ways to manage your construction. Cuballs enable you to build...

Only $5.95 - Click here to buy now!

Executive Magz Set

The Executive Magz Set will keep you building for hours! Due to popular demand, a solid black-colored set was introduced to appease the sophisticated tastes of office executives and adults. This set contains 36 (solid black) bars and 20 balls. Executive...

Only $13.95 - Click here to buy now!

GyroMagz Set

The Gyro Magz Set is a starter collection for those who want to try out Magz. It is ideal as a party favor or stocking stuffer. This unit consists of 16 bars and 8 nickel plated steel balls and is packaged in the form of a spinning top. Total Parts: 24...

Only $5.95 - Click here to buy now!

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