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Personalized Cookie Jar - Prescription for Smiles

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This Personalized Cookie Jar is different from other cute cookie jars and even stands out from other unique cookie jars! Featured on this ceramic cookie jar is a prescription for smiles. Literally! The dose includes one cookie to be consumed every 6-8 hours. The side effects of eating cookies as medicine include constant smiling and joyous mood swings, just to name a couple. If you want a sure-fire way to make someone happy 24/7 then give them this custom cookie jar that can be turned into a personalized gift by customizing it with one line of up to fifteen characters, including letters and punctuation. Note: The is not apart of the design. Measures 8.25 H x 5 W and weighs 5 pounds. Availability: This Personalized Cookie Jar ships in approximately 3-4 business days. GC1077-RX 11711028160 JDS-GC1077-RX

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