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Billy Twang Taylor Tong


Made Like No Other.The Billy Twang? Tong is a simple, versatile, and useful fire cookin? tool; made one at a time by old school craftsmen in the USA. The unique design of the curved head makes for easy sausage grabbin? and flippin?; works well with chicken breast too. The Billy Twang? Tong is pit-duty ready, reliable, and good-lookin? too?just like Billy!The Billy Twang? Mercantile Fire Cookin? Tools are simply the finest, handmade, heirloom-quality barbeque implements available. The time-intensive process begins with hand-crafting a cast for the solid one-piece construction; apply heat, forge and shape.The last step is the application of a deep dark black proprietary coating that protects the raw iron tools from rust; makes the fire cookin? tools more durable, easier to clean and maintain. The Billy Twang? Mercantile Fire Cookin? Tools are true heritage-inspired designs; made like no other, striking, and timeless. 7-92756-00008-2 TNG001

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