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No Size

\r\n\tMake sure you have everything you need to train and battle your Pokemon when you carry around this totally awesome backpack! This backpack has a checkered design; which features some of your favorite Gen 1 Pokemon. It's the perfect accessory...

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Adult Extra Large

\r\n\tRoll up to any gym battle with confidence when you wear this Pokemon circle tee! The officially licensed tee features Charmander; Squirtle; Bulbasaur; and of course Pikachu! You'll be out catching some Pokemon in no time.\r\n\r\n\t\r\n\t\tOfficially...

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One Size Fits Most

\r\n\tBring Gyarados with you wherever you go when you rock this awesome Pokemon belt! This seatbelt belt features your favorite flying/water Pokemon all over; and also has a Pokeball in the center of the buckle for added flare.\r\n\r\n\t\r\n\t\tOfficially...

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24 Ounce

\r\n\tStay hydrated with your favorite Pokemon when you sip out of this officially licensed Charizard water bottle! The perfect way to take your favorite drinks with you on the go!\r\n\r\n\t\r\n\t\tOfficially licensed\r\n\t\r\n\t\tExclusively at Spencer's\r\n\t\r\n\t\tDimensions:...

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16 Ounce

\r\n\tShow off your love of Pokemon with every sip you take with this awesome and officially licensed Pikachu pint glass! This glass features a blue background of Pokeballs behind a very happy Pikachu jumping mid-air; and is sure to be a favorite for...

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20 Ounce

\r\n\tGotta catch 'em all! Start with this Hatching Charmander Pokemon Mug. The perfect way to start your morning! This heat changing mug displays two different graphics depending on the temperature of the liquid you fill it with!\r\n\r\n\t\r\n\t\tOfficially...

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9/16 In

\r\n\t\r\n\t\tOfficially Licensed\r\n\t\r\n\t\tPiercing Type: Ear\r\n\t\r\n\t\tMaterial: Acrylic\r\n\t\r\n\t\tComes in various sizes\r\n\t\r\n\t\tThreaded closure\r\n\t\r\n\t\tJewelry Care: Clean with antibacterial soap and warm water\r\n\t\r\n\t\tPiercing...

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One Size Fits Most

\r\n\t\r\n\t\tOfficially Licensed\r\n\t\r\n\t\tDimensions: 1.5" H x 54" W\r\n\t\r\n\t\tClosure: Seatbelt\r\n\t\r\n\t\tMaterial: Metal; nylon\r\n\t\r\n\t\tCare: Spot clean\r\n\t\r\n\t\tImported\r\n\t\r\n\t\tNote: This fashion belt is not to be...

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Adult Extra Large

\r\n\tShow some love for your favorite electric-type Pokemon with these shockingly awesome boxer briefs! These underwear feature a sublimated design with Pikachu all over in front of a yellow-colored lightning design; and even has a Pokeball pattern across...

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One Size Fits Most

\r\n\tWhether you're heading to the gym to train your Pokemon or getting ready to battle an opponent; you can accessorize your outfit with this adorable Pokeball scarf. The scarf features an all over print that will add instant color to any look and...

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