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\r\n\tSet your night up for backside passion play with the Crystal Jellies Butt Plug. This plug has a slightly softer feel so it's easy to insert and exert without being too rough; but no worries if you like it rough because this medium sized plug...

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5.5 Inches

\r\n\tFilling sensations and powerful vibrations are yours with this Delicious Fullness Vibrating Butt Plug. Tailored to fit your body's internal curves and massage your erogenous zones; the plug can be used with or without vibrations; solo or with...

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No Size

\r\n\tGet turned on with this Assgasm Ring Butt Plug. A sexy toy that will get your night started in the bedroom.\r\n\r\n\t\r\n\t\tH" x W" x L": 3" x 2" x 1"\r\n\t\r\n\t\tInsertable length: 3"\r\n\t\r\n\t\tGirth: 1"\r\n\t\r\n\t\tWaterproof\r\n\t\r\n\t\tMaterial:...

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No Size

\r\n\tSend sweet and romantic invitations to your significant other with the My Love Mailbox! This adorable mail tin box comes with unique cards that you can fill out and place into the mailbox. A fun and creative way to express your love and be intimate...

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No Size

\r\n\tIf you and your partner are planning a romantic day at home for Valentine's Day; then this fun wipe off checklist will be perfect for giving you a day's worth of ideas. Don't be forced to come up with ideas on the spot or ruin the mood....

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No Size

\r\n\tWhat could be more fun than making your own sex toy? We know: making a glow in the dark vibrator that's customized to your specifications! You'll get exactly the kind of sex you want and have a blast at the same time when you follow the...

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1 Ounce

\r\n\tGet ready for pleasure when you pair this wonderful bullet vibrator with this Sweet Licks watermelon massage lotion. Use the vibe on yourself while you massage your partner; or vice versa. Mix up your erotic bedroom fun however you like!\r\n\r\n\t\r\n\t\tExclusively...

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Adult Large

\r\n\tReady to hit the stripper pole? Make sure your moves are perfect and you've got the best grip possible when you use these special gloves! Your next sexy striptease will be one where you show off just how flexible you are; and these gloves give...

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No Size

\r\n\tMake sweet love to Allie McSqueal! This life size love doll features a lifelike pussy and ass that is sure to get you going! This doll looks like Allie herself; and will bring your fantasies to life.\r\n\r\n\t\r\n\t\tDimensions: 60"H x 19"W...

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5 Inches

\r\n\tThis aptly named Handy Stroker is a wonderful male masturbation sex toy that allows you to indulge in the ultimate erotic pleasure any time! With its non-slip finger grips; you can focus on your own arousal and enjoyment as it gives you the sensations...

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