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9 Inches

\r\n\tThe next time you're in the mood for some penetration; look no further than this lifelike Real Feel No. 7 Waterproof Vibrating Dildo! With its realistic head; veins and balls as well as its super soft skin; it feels just like the real thing;...

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7 Inches

\r\n\tIf you want a dildo that feels incredible to the touch and even better when it's inside you; you'll want to try the Shakin D! This sex toy will have you moaning with pleasure as each inch of its ridged shaft slides into your most sensitive...

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No Size

\r\n\tIs your husband leaving for a business trip? Your boyfriend going away for a long weekend? This Clone a Willy kit is exactly what you need to keep your favorite penis with you at all times. This kit is designed to perfectly mold a penis; so you...

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6 Inches

\r\n\tGet ready for a night of sexy fun when you use this six inch Vibrating Suction Cup Dildo! It's got a posable spine and is waterproof; making it a perfect shower sex toy; or one you can stick to your favorite surface and prepare for the ultimate...

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7 Inches

\r\n\tHold on for the ride of your life! Take control of your pleasure time with this ready-to-ride suction cup dildo and you'll be a pro in no time. The simple design is perfect for those wanting to take their fun to the next step with it's simple...

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7.5 Inches

\r\n\tThe Hott Love Suction Cup Dildo is easy to use and brings the sexual fireworks every time! This lifelike dildo features a suction cup for easy insertion and makes it easy to place anywhere you please. Slap it down whenever the urge strikes and prepare...

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11 Inches

\r\n\tWhen you crave truly deep penetration; this Real Feel No. 11 Vibrating Dildo can provide it! It's waterproof; so you can take it in the bath or shower; and offers multiple speeds so you can customize your pleasure. With its lifelike head; veins...

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No Size

\r\n\tEnjoy the ultimate sexual pleasure for both of you with this Vibrating Double Dildo Strap On Set! It allows two people to be easily penetrated at once as this sex toy vibrates in all the right places to make you both feel incredible. It works for...

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8 Inches

\r\n\tGet your freak on with the Basix Rubber Works Slim Glown-in-the-Dark Dildo. This unisex 7-inch rod features a suction-cup bottom; perfect for setting in the shower for some slippery pleasure. Its best feature of all? This naughty must-have is harness...

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6.5 Inches

\r\n\tGet your fix in the shower when you play with the Sex in the Shower Double Sided Suction Cup & Rubber Dildo. This package contains a double sided suction cup that you can stick one side to the six-inch; blue rubber dildo and the other can be...

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