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Moses Action Figure

The story of Moses has more action than a James Bond movie. Miracles, murder, plagues, escape, betrayal - his life was filled with dramatic events and exciting adventures. With this 5 inch tall, hard plastic Moses Action Figure you can recreate the entire...

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Beethoven Action Figure

Beethoven was truly an eccentric musical genius; composing a brilliant piano sonata one minute, throwing eggs at his maid the next. This 5-inch tall, hard plastic Ludwig van Beethoven Action Figure has moveable arms and legs, allowing him to sit on the...

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Annie Oakley Action Figure

Add to your collection of real life superheroes with the Annie Oakley Action Figure! Annie Oakley was so skilled with firearms that she could shoot a dime out of the air, and shoot the ashes off a lit cigarette from 30 paces while standing with her back...

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Alexander The Great Action Figure

At the young age of 25, Alexander The Great's resume included King of Macedonia, Pharaoh of Egypt and Great King of Persia. He was a brilliant military strategist, fought on the front lines with his troops and was rumored to be a descendant of Zeus! This...

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Casanova Action Figure

Giovanni Giacomo Casanova was a soldier, an author, a spy, a gambler and a librarian. But all of those things pale in comparison to his reputation as a lover. His memoirs contain detailed accounts of his intimate relations with over 100 women. This 5-inch...

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Patron Saint of Waiters and Waitresses Figure

Meet Saint Martha! What a novel(ty) idea! Makes a great, wacky gift! Each 3 3/4-inches tall, hard vinyl Saint Martha comes with a 3-inches wide base and a removable backdrop that includes a Prayer to Assist in Receiving Generous Tips on the back. Illustrated...

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Flesh Eating Zombies Figure Set

They're after braaaaains! This uproarious set of nine 1 to 3 1/4-inch tall hard-vinyl figures comes complete with blank stares, gaping mouths, open wounds, and missing limbs. There's an entire mob of decomposing people from around the neighborhood, plus...

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Remote Control Zombie Action Figure

Run! Hide! Barricade yourself! Control this Zombie Action Figure with the brain-shaped remote control! A soulless body makes a horrifyingly entertaining gift idea. He trudges and groans! Run! Hide! Barricade yourself in the basement of an abandoned farmhouse!...

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Lil Tubby Action Figure

Someone's hungry! What a novel(ty) idea! Makes a great, wacky gift! When it comes to jovial mascots of overindulgence, Li'l Tubby takes the cake. Each soft vinyl figure stands 4 1/2-inches tall and comes with three delicious hard vinyl treats that Li'l...

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Mr. Bacon Bendable Figure

Now you can make friends with bacon, too! What a novel(ty) idea! Makes a great, wacky gift! You love bacon and Mr. Bacon loves you. He wants to be your best bendable bacon buddy. He wants to accompany you on your many adventures. He wants to teach you...

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