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Eternal Strangers

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Ursula Bacon's impassioned memoir Shanghai Diary has touched the lives of people around the world, recounting the story of her youth in China. Eternal Strangers finds the author recounting events before Shanghai Diary begins, with the meeting of the author's parents and their escape from war-torn Europe to the safer harbors of Asia. Inspiring, thought provoking, and starkly honest, Eternal Strangers will be a book discussed for years to come.There is a disarming optimism to Ursula Bacon's writings, fed by her childhood of colorful adventure and survival against steep odds. When her family escaped Nazi Germany to a Shanghai ghetto, young Ursula's experiences became seeds of romantic memoir, crafted as a sort of adult fairytale--complete with real-life versions of heroes, beautiful princesses, dark woods and evil witches. --Jewish ReviewEternal Strangers opens the door to what many German Jews thought and felt during the years leading up to the war, and presents a prism of complex reasons as to why so many chose to stay, and how difficult it became to get away when the realization finally set in. A real page-turner, this one. --Randomville Pulp 9781595820990 9781595820990 269357 13923 Ursula Bacon

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