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Vampires Dracula & Undead Legions SC

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(W) Various (A) Ken Wolak (C) Dave Dorman Dracula! Vampires! The blood runs red under the moon! In late summer 2009, Moonstone follows up its fang-favorite monster anthology, Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising, with this second installment in the Moonstone Monsters series, this time focusing on those enigmatic creatures of the night, Vampires! Vampire stories are timless and continue to dominate horror fiction, as well as the big screen and television. L.A. Banks, P.N. Elrod, and Elaine Bergstrom are celebrated for their popular vampire novel, Martin Powell demonstrates his intimate familiarity with Count Dracula. These and other stories are certain to appeal to audience who cannot get enough of the bloodsuckers! 1933076550 9781933076553 345066 APR090949 Ken Wolak;Dave Dorman

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