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Bottomfeeder - nick & dent

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In this debut novel by B. H. Fingerman, you will find a comical and creepy foray into the life of a working-class vampire.A man can go missing in New York City. A life can disappear. Teeth can sharpen, skin go pale, eyes reject the sun. One day, you're human. The next, you're a vampire, with an undying taste for blood. Set in the New York of prostitutes, junkies, and lonely hearts, Bottomfeeder tells the story of Philip, a smart-ass in a dead-end job, whose life takes an unusual turn after he tangles with a vampire. Now, spurred by a bloodlust stronger than his humanity, he haunts the abandoned streets alone, trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy while looking for prey.Bottomfeeder is the debut prose novel of the critically acclaimed and award-winning artist Bob Fingerman.Fingerman's usual style is a witty combo of old-school underground-comics grunginess and new-school precision; his dialogue is worthy of the stage. --Entertainment WeeklyIf you captured, hogtied and extracted DNA from the respective brainpans of Chuck Palahniuk, Philip Roth, and Bram Stoker, the resulting, recombinant literary mutation would resemble nothing so much as Fingerman's debut novel, Bottomfeeder. Laugh-packed, horrific, boldly reprehensible, socially astute and slave to no known trend, Fingerman, already a graphic novel legend, has sunk his fangs into the world of straight-up print, and come up with a book that pretty much bleeds genius. --Jerry Stahl, I, Fatty; Permanent MidnightAs usual, Fingerman catches New York with its pants down, and drags us along for a heady ride with lots of laugh and some moments of genuine pathos. --David Wellington, author of Monster IslandWhen the vampire novel is in the care of a writer as witty and inventive and imaginative as B. H. Fingerman, be sure it can still rise up and bite us. A compellingly seedy revival of the undead, a story told with real pace and style. B. H. Fingerman has a sharp eye for the banality of horror and the horror of the banal.-- Ramsey Campbell, author of Secret StoryMr. Fingerman is a deeply talented, creative, and disturbed man. Max Brooks, author of World War Z 1595820973 978159582097651000 322242 13684nd Bob Fingerman

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