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Yashakiden Demon Princess Novel Vol. 05

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'Passing Beauty' The immortal vampiress known as Princess has almost completely turned Demon City Shinjuku into a vampire metropolis. A plan by the national government to eradicate the threat with nuclear weapons is narrowly averted. But Setsura-the key to the city's restoration-appears to have fallen into her grasp.Aware of his precarious predicament, Tonbeau and the doll girl conjure up a major act of magic that will reach into the 'Akashic Records,' the timeline of the universe itself. Can Shinjuku's greatest enemy be defeated? And if so, what kind of day will dawn in Shinjuku the day after? The amazing conclusion to the timeless series. 978156970198051000 398230 DEC111030 Hideyuki Kikuchi;Jun Suemi

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