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Captain Midnight Archives Volume 2: Captain Midnight Saves the World HC


Captain Jim Albright, inventor and ex-Army pilot, maintains a secret identity as Captain Midnight, flying superhero and defender of justice! In this second archival volume, featuring stories selected from the original 1940s Fawcett comics, Captain Midnight and his sidekick Ichabod Mudd explore new planets and defend the earth from aliens, including moon creatures, purple pirates, and the bizarre and villainous Xog! Collects selected stories from issues #48, #50, #52-#56, #58-#60, #62, #64, and #66.* Complements new Captain Midnight comics from Dark Horse!* Inventive sci-fi superhero comics from the Golden Age! 9781616552435 978161655243554000 440120 24032 Bill Woolfolk;Leonard Frank

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